Flood Bag for Cars - Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions




1.1 FLOOD GUARD and PCDLF Trading will offer a 7-day product exchange that equals the value of damaged product upon receipt or for size replacement. To be eligible for a return, item must be repackaged and in similar condition that the buyer received it. It must also be in its original packaging.

1.2 Please do not send the item back without giving notice via call, text or email.

1.3 FLOOD GUARD and PCDLF Trading will offer a 3-month repair warranty on storm/flood failure. It is in the discretion of FLOOD GUARD and PCDLF Trading if the damage is subject to warranty or not, depending on handling and/or any other external non-manufacturing factors.

1.4 FLOOD GUARD and PCDLF Trading DOES NOT warranty any item contained inside the Flood Guard during the occurrence of failure.

1.5 FLOOD GUARD and PCDLF Trading cannot prevent large debris collision and puncture from sharp objects with the product and will not warranty against it.  The buyer needs to ensure that the surrounding area and the area underneath the product is clear from any sharp objects that may cause damage to the material. Replacement is not allowed for such cases.

1.6 FLOOD GUARD and PCDLF Trading cannot prevent animal and insect damage on the bag and will not warranty against it.

1.7 When covering an item with polished paint, such as vehicles and other similar equipment, it is recommended that the vehicle/equipment be wiped clean. This is to prevent small scratch/swirl marks on the paint caused by the microscopic dirt in the vehicle/equipment surface when it comes in contact with the material of the flood guard. It is advisable to use a cloth or tape on the edges of the vehicle/equipment to protect the finish.  FLOOD GUARD and PCDLF Trading shall not be held responsible for any scratch marks on the vehicle/equipment.

1.8 Do not use Flood Guard as a regular car cover for normal weather and/or extreme heat. FLOOD GUARD and PCDLF Trading shall not be held responsible for any damage on the vehicle/equipment’s paint when exposed to heat.

1.9 After the storm, do not fold Flood Guard if the inside part of the bag is partially wet. Given that the bag is waterproof, if bag is folded while still moist inside, chances of mold and bacteria may build up. It is advised to dry Flood Guard first before folding back for storage. FLOOD GUARD and PCDLF Trading shall not be held responsible for any micro-organism/organism formation inside the bag if not dried before storage.

1.10 It is not a guarantee that Flood Guard can protect your vehicle from storm as extreme conditions may damage the product allowing water to sip in. It is advisable to place Flood Guard and a vehicle in a safe location

Suffocation and asphyxiation WARNING/HAZARD

2.1 WARNING: When using FLOOD GUARD, please keep out of reach of children. THIS IS NOT A TOY.

2.2 Do not stay inside the bag for a prolonged period to avoid risk of suffocation.

2.3 Do not keep the vehicles’ engine running for a long period of time, when inside the bag. The build-up of carbon monoxide may cause suffocation and/or asphyxiation to the driver or any person inside if exposed for a long time.

2.4 FLOOD GUARD and PCDLF Trading will not be held responsible for neglect on behalf of the user/buyer THAT MAY CAUSE INJURY OR SUFFOCATION/ASPHYXIATION.

2.5 It is best to operate with at least three persons: two persons assisting when inserting the vehicle inside the bag, and one person driving the vehicle.


Replacement and refund (if applicable):

3.1 FLOOD GUARD AND PCDLF Trading reserves the right to approve or reject any refund/replacement claims.

3.2 PCDLF Trading will send the buyer an email or text notification upon receiving and inspection of returned item. We will then inform the buyer of the approval or disapproval of the refund.

3.3 Upon approval, the refund/replacement will be processed and buyer will receive the replacement item or cash refund via bank deposit.

3.4 Damaged items cannot be refunded.

Sale items (if applicable)

4.1 Only regular priced items may be replaced. Sale or promotional items is not available for replacement.

Exchanges (if applicable)

5.1 Only defective items will be replaced. Though if sizes do not match your vehicle, we will assess and may replace depending on situation.

Intentional Damage

6.1 FLOOD GUARD AND PCDLF Trading will not accept the damaged product if the damage was intentional (ie. Scissor cut, knife cut or anything of the same nature).


7.1 FLOOD GUARD AND PCDLF Trading will not be held liable if the product will be lost or damaged during shipping as it will be provided by a third party forwarding company. Rest assure that we are tracking your shipment until it arrives to the buyers assigned address

7.2 FLOOD GUARD AND PCDLF Trading will not be held liable if the buyer has failed to receive the product/s on the assigned address, if in cases that the products are returned to the sender, FLOOD GUARD AND PCDLF Trading will charge the succeeding shipment fee to the buyer.

7.3 Buyer will be responsible for paying for own shipping costs for returning item. Shipping costs are non-refundable.

7.4 Depending on where the buyer lives, the time it may take for the exchanged product to reach the buyer, may vary.

7.5 If buyer is shipping the item, buyer should consider using a shipping service (with tracking number) or purchase shipping insurance. FLOOD GUARD and PCDLF Trading are not liable for returns lost via shipping.

Patent and Copyright

8.1Flood Guard and its affiliates respect the intellectual property of others, and we ask our customers to do the same.

8.2 Anyone/Buyers cannot copy, modify, distribute, or reproduce in any way the patented items or any other proprietary materials without obtaining the prior written consent of the patent owner of such materials. PCDLF Trading may, in appropriate circumstances and at our discretion, deny services to a user or terminate supply to any user/distributor who is alleged to have infringed FLOOD GUARD’s and PCDLF Trading’s intellectual property or proprietary rights.