About us

Securo Disaster Preparedness Products and Services  

Paul, is the inventor of Flood Guard - Car Bag. As a car owner, he was always worried about his car during rains and flood. Being that he was always abroad as an OFW, he did not have the luxury of moving his vehicle to a higher location. He started to design the product in November 2016 and patented the same in January 2017. After continuous testing, the design was finalized during the latter part of February 2017. 

Paul decided to join a reality TV show called THE FINAL PITCH to look for strategic partners to help him market the product and reach more car owners that are seeking for such products to protect their vehicles.

During the Final Pitch, he realized that FLOOD GUARD – Car bag while a very good stand-alone product, can be just one of many products that can save not just Assets and Equipment, but also LIVES. He decided to make more out of the business he is developing.

The idea became a mission, For him, to save even just one life, will be such an achievement already for the company.

With the help of the mentors of the show, Securo Disaster Protection and Solutions was formed. 


“To protect and preserve lives and property from Natural and man-made disasters”


“to build a disaster resilient society for continuity of life and economy”